Core Values at iFathom

Our values as written aren't the reason our clients, consultants and employees join iFathom, but how we live them is why they stay. Creating a culture is more than one thing. To us, it's the combination of 5 behaviours and traits that form an infectious work environment for our employees and an exceptional experience for our consultants and clients. These values are the fabric of who we are today and who we plan to be in the future.

Team Player
Positive Impact

Our Core Values


Play the game as if you own
the team

Our consultants and customers chose iFathom because they know we bring solutions and not problems. Whether you are a resource manager, account executive or form our shared services team, we want people on our team who realize that they reflect the organization as if they are the CEO.


Do the right thing even when no one is looking

We don’t ask for the spotlight to be put on, because we know its always there. We recognize the magnitude our work has on our employees, consultants and clients. Transparency and honesty are the only way we all can thrive in order to foster mutually beneficial partnerships.


When we learn, we grow

When you walk through the doors of iFathom you make the commitment to learn. Our commitment back is to ensure that the learning is relevant and allows you the opportunity to grow into the professional you want to be. Learning is a journey and we want to do it together.

Team Player

Play for the crest on the front, not for the name on the back

You come here to be part of something bigger than yourself. Period.

Positive Impact

Opportunities don’t happen you create them

As the saying goes – “you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good”. Some things in this world are brought by chance, but you can influence those odds. We believe that by making at least one thoughtful and intentional contribution each day you can tip the scale.

Join us!

Like what we stand for? Make this your everyday.

Our team’s great, but we’ve got room for one more if you’re interested.

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